NOTE: Important Information about the Meal Application Form from the NH Office of Nutrition. You can find the application under the 'For Parents' tab / Important Forms & Documents.


  • If you are in need of COVID-19 testing you can call Mid-State 536-4000 #9.

From the Nurse's office:

Clothing, sneakers and winter gear that are borrowed are not to be returned. When our supply runs out we will not be refilling it. Please send your child in with clothing in their backpacks for their needs.

Thank you!


Please remember to send your child in with extra clothing in their backpacks, in case of need.

We have a limited supply of clothing to hand out (and we are no longer accepting donations).

Helpful information: From DHHS Self Isolation Guide for COVID-19


The green multicolored cloth masks are NOT disposable.

We have a very limited supply.

They are yours to keep and reuse. Thank you