Rumney is an SB2 town.  “The Official Ballot Referendum form of town meeting, commonly known as SB2 (RSA 40:13), marks its twenty-seventh year of existence in 2024.  Approved by the legislature in 1995, adopted in thirty municipalities in 1996, and put into practice for the first time in 1997, SB2 is now in place in more than 60 New Hampshire towns.“  ( )

As an SB2 town, we hold a Deliberative Session on Weds., Feb. 7, 6:30 PM.  “The first session of an SB2 town’s annual meeting, known as the deliberative session, is where warrant articles may be discussed, debated, and amended, but not voted upon.”  We hold a second session, on Tues., March  12, 8 AM-7 PM, for voting.  During the second session, voting is conducted by written ballot; the voter has the power to say “yes” or “no” on articles, but not to alter them.

It's that time of year!  

Please remember to send your child in with hat, gloves/mittens, jackets, boots and snow pants when appropriate.

7:50am drop off - please drop off students in the loop

7:55am bus drop off

Board Meetings:

School Board Meeting 

January 17, 2024

5:30 pm

Child Find Notice