About Us

RES Mission:

The Rumney School Board, Russell Elementary School Administration, and Staff are committed to providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which children can learn. This includes showing respect for one another and the school facility, encouraging a sense of self-responsibility and taking pride in working to the best of one’s ability.

Within this environment, we also are committed to:

  • Developing each student’s full academic potential;

  • Cultivating good character, citizenship, and self-reliance;

  • Helping students to build positive self-esteem and desire to become lifelong learners;

  • Encouraging collaboration among staff to provide learning experiences relevant to all students’ needs;

  • Implementing curriculum in ways which will motivate and challenge students to learn;

  • Involving students in programs that promote healthful living;

  • Establishing a school and community partnership.

Mrs. Torsey, Principal

Mrs. Morrison, Guidance

Mrs. Gaiero,

Office Manager, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Grass,

Rangers After School Program,

21st CCLC

Mrs. Hancock,

Special Ed K-4

Mrs. Demler,

Special Ed 5-8

Mrs. Campbell,


Ms. Duggan,

1st/2nd grade

Ms. Warburton,


Mrs. Weeks,

3rd Grade

Mrs. Patten,

4th grade

Behavior Specialist, William White Associates

Mr. Ludwig,

Middle School


Mr. Dokus,

Middle School

Social Studies

Mr. Duchette,

Middle School


Mr. Hengstenberg

Middle School


Mrs. Dodge,

Music K-8

Mr. Denoncour,


Mr. Jones,


Ms. Ryder,

Speech Pathologist

Mrs. Kenneally,


Mrs. Keyes,


Mrs. McDowell,


Mrs. Smoker,